3$ Virtual Visa Card For PayPal – Solution for EUR PayPal


This card was issued by a European bank
Ideal solution for verification of the European PayPal account
when registering with PayPal, indicate any EU country
To bind the card to PayPal you need a minimum of 1 $ + 1.95 $
A four-digit code for confirmation comes an hour and a half after the binding
card not replenished



If you have questions about using virtual cards  you can contact us in a convenient way for you  and we will try to solve the problem in the shortest possible time

Requisites for Visa Virtual you receive with in 10 Minuets to 5 Hours after payment

Card details
VCC – 16 digit Card number

EXP – Card validity period.

The card is valid until the end of the specified month.
CVV – Security code CVV2

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