Azure Cloud 1000$ credits


Azure Cloud 1000 credits
– Microsoft Azure Cloud Account with 1000 $ credits, 1 Year days to use; there wil be many tools to access.


– We are not responsible for interruption or suspensions once the accounts are delivered.
– You will change email after 24 hours since the delivery, whereas the password will be changed immediately.
– Any issue with logging in must be documented with screenshot and in this case we will solve or replace.
– Once you change the password and email, adding mfa if applicable, you agree that the ORDER IS COMPLETED.
– By ordering, you agree that you will not accuse us of any incidents during your successive account usage.
– You agree that we do not replace nor refund orders for this kind of product – you will not dispute later.
– Delivery within 24 hours after the payment, but we can be much faster than that.