EU Bank MasterCard Virtual 3 Euro Loaded


MasterCard Virtual Card 3 – GUARANTEE 100%

ATTENTION! After the purchase, you MOMENTALLY get the card details –

16 digit Card Number

Card validity period. The card is valid until the end of the specified month.

Security code CVV2

Balance on the card 3


BIN = 522720


Virtual card with balance for authorizations or attaching for websites, that require a credit card, as well as online payments.

Card work 10 days after purchasing

To use this card we recommend IP and info from same European country that data is attached to, or United Kingdom ,Germany , Italy , since the card is from there EU ADDRESS

!! ATTENTION !! All the cards that are sold in our store on the pay are NOT intended for testing or experiments. Refunds are possible only if there is an error on our part. If any site rejected the card, then use it on another site!

The site on which you use the card can reject it for various reasons. Example: You use a British map on a Asian site, or you use a Russian map with a British iPhone. The site can write that problem with the map, but this is not always the case. If you banned their system, it will never directly tell you this.