Google AdWords Card – VCC


Looking for a prepaid card to active your Google AdWords billing profile? it’s here to start your Google Adwords account.
Google AdWords virtual credit card is the most famous one payment handler. Make your ads living with our billing verification card.


Google AdWords Vcc Specifications

It’s prepaid visa debit card.
Works with provided name & address.
Multiple or repeated violation address cannot be verified if you already got suspended an address.
The card has sufficient balance for address verification only.
Supports Google manual payment profile only.
Make sure first your AdWords support prepaid card or we can’t refund later.
We do not provide any statement or charges proof.
Non-refundable prepaid card.
Must use before 24 hours from delivery time.

Delivery Materials

You will receive 16 digits card number
Expiry date
Cvv 3 digit code
Email delivery only
Card balance $50 (followed by Google new requirements)

The card is helpful for automatic trace an address and verifies his own billing address as it. It’s one of the comfortable cards ever you use in Google AdWords.


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