Mastercard 2 usd, bin 516915 NEW no 3Ds

$25.00 $20.00

Tested for – Amazon, Facebook, Google etc. Without 3D secure. Bank account screenshots. Don´t work for iTunes.

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Attention! Cards have a balance of strictly specified denomination. So it is strongly recommended to purchase a card with a balance in reserve, in case of additional commissions or pre-authorization of the resource for which you will use. The card can be used for ANY name. The card can be used for ANY amount of resources within it balance. The card is valid for not more than three days after it is used, regardless of its date of expire. There is no also an additional charging of cards. The possibility of longer term of use and recharging – only after additional agreement with us Please read the terms of purchase before you make it. For additional questions, please contact us.


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