10 $ MASTERCARD / VISA prepaid virtual card with a limit US $ 10. It works exactly the same as the card Visa, Mastercard only called. Issued in US dollars a good Russian bank. It accepted almost everywhere, not for PayPal.

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After payment of the purchase you will receive in the text: Virtual Card Number CVC2 – the security code Expiry Virtual Card Please note that it is most advantageous for payments cards to use the card in the currency of payment – to reduce the cost of conversion. For example, if you need to make the payment in US dollars – it is desirable to use a card issued in US dollars, the conversion in this case is not made, because card currency and the currency of payment are the same. Make payment in Euros is more profitable to do with the payment cards issued by in Euro during payments in rubles is more profitable to pay a ruble card – conversion in these cases so as not made. Often, the currency of payment is not US dollars, euros or Russian rubles and other currency (hryvnia, yuan, pounds, crowns, etc.). In this case, it is most advantageous to pay a dollar card – 1 comes from the conversion of US dollars at the exchange rate of the payment card system. With the ruble cards such payments are not profitable, because double conversion occurs: payment currency => USD and then USD => Dollars. So I ask to pay attention that the card verification and payment via PayPal system, PayPal can be kept small amount often is 1-2 USD. If you are going to pay PayPal recommend to buy this card for $ 2-3 more than the sum of the desired purchase. Additional information In case of difficulty contact me to chat. On request, information on the balance and statement.


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