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Balance 25 USD

Balance sheet and online statement are available at any time from the American Express website:

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+ Real plastic American Bank Card
+ Does not require confirmation by SMS!
+ Online statement and balance balance online anytime from American Express

This card is issued by the American Express American Express payment system (analogous to Visa / MasterCard in the USA) and is targeted for payment in online stores all over the world with an American billing address. Suitable for binding to various online services – Steam, PayPal, Google Play, AppStore, Playstation store, Amazon, eBay and many other systems and games (without guarantees of its patency, as it depends on many factors)

This is a physical gift card! It is possible to transfer physical cards in Kiev. Limited number of cards.

When buying, you automatically receive a photo of a physical card from 2 sides with all the necessary details!
In American Express, 4 numbers are used as CVV codes for online operations and they are written on the front of the card, and not on the back like in Visa and Mastercard.

Recommendations for use:
– Use proxy or VPN with the ip-address of the country that you specify in the “Address” line;
– Specify the address in the format that is adopted in the United States, preferably a real one; For online products, it is better to use the state of Florida with a 0% tax.
– Use English versions of OS and browser