USA Bank Account + VCC For PayPal Verification and Withdrawal


This Bank account and Virtual Visa from USA Bank .

After payment you get VBA + VCC . Full Login Details

Account in your Control .

This Virtual Bank Account Perfect for PayPal Verification & Withdrawal , eBay Seller Account , Google Cloud and Adword , Amazon Seller Account , and many more…



A virtual bank account is almost similar to the street bank account through this account can be maintained online and virtually.

Most common usage  :

  • Verification: The most popular use of virtual banks(VBA) is to verify PayPal, Stripe, Facebook, Google, Bing, etc.
  • Accepting/Receiving payments: Sometimes Virtual Bank is used for taking/receiving payments from Affiliate network/Ads Network, CPA Marketplace, etc.
  • Withdraw money: Withdrawing money from PayPal, Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense and others is another popular practice for Virtual Banks.

Types of Virtual bank account(VBA ) Verification and Withdrawal


We offer PayPal VBA for the United States.


This VBA is for account verification and withdrawal purpose.

Micro Deposit/Security Deposit-Once added, Mechat will send one/two small amount of money to the bank to validate the account. For PayPal, It takes 1-3 business days to get those deposits.
You need to get those deposits and confirm the bank.

Best use to –
1. Any account verification through Security deposits.
2. PayPal USA Account Verification and Withdrawal .
3. To verify any Google Cloud, Adword  account.
4. .To verify any Amazon Seller  account.
5. Facebook Account Verification and Many more.

suitable as –
 Withdrawing money from any website.

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