Refund Policy of VCCPRO.COM

We sent codes only by E-mail within 30 minutes to 6 hours but maximum time is 24 hours in some case.
we don’t accept return or refund once your order is processed
Do you want to return your order, is the vcc incorrect , or have you accidentally received a wrong order? We are happy to help you find the best solution. We accept replace or refund policy

24 Hours reflection period on our products.

Have we made a mistake? We make sure you free receive the correct order.

When we have received the order back, we will deliver it 5 working days transfer the money to you.

A VCCPRO Visa / MasterCard Gift Card may only be returned if it is still not activated is.

If you have a question about returning your order, please do not hesitate Contact our Customer Service.

help you 24/7, you can chat with us through our

Facebook page

send email to

WhatsApp on +447723833291
Telegram @worklinkx

once bought and delivered, cannot be returned, nor refunded.

So please make sure to select the right product,  code and/or in the right currency before you purchase it, as we cannot take products back, nor refund or exchange products that have already been paid and delivered

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